the best things left to do before I die

attend a BMW driving class

own a motorcylce

own a Porsche

climb a mountain

bike across the country

own my own company

run the Boston Marathon

get married

have children

get a master’s degree

lay on a beach all day 

go on Pilgrimage 

serve in Haifa

learn a martial art

I seriously cannot tell if my manager is just absolutely terrible at what she does or if she’s hell bent on destroying my future with Wells Fargo. 

Gideon Emery, who is the voice actor for Fenris and Balthier and has various roles in Skyrim and Diablo III, does not only have the most amazing voice but is also incredibly attractive. Imagine that.


It makes my heart light whenever Aeryk finds a virtue in something I’ve said or done. It’s very sweet.

Paul is way more attractive than Ian.